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About the Company

Lunch Bucket Beginnings

Jim Frost began collecting pocket knives in 1969. This small hobby, started by an everyday shift worker at a chemical plant, has grown over the past 30 years into a multi-million dollar business which employs over 100 employees at its sole location in Ooltewah, Tennessee. The business began in Jim's lunch bucket and quickly grew out of his car trunk, garage, and four increasingly larger warehouses before finding its home in a 150,000 square foot plant completed in 2004.

From 1969 to 1978, Jim saw his business interest in knives grow from a hobby to the formation of Frost Distributing company in 1972 to the Parker- Frost partnership in 1976. This short-lived association was mutually dissolved in 1978 when Jim began importing cutlery under the Frost Cutlery® tang stamp.

The Frost Family

The Frost Cutlery story is not a Jim Frost story; many loyal and dedicated employees, including his son Stephen and daughter Stefanie, contribute greatly. After learning the business from the bottom up, Stephen Frost now holds the position of Chief Operations Officer. Once the driving force of the Frost Falcons, Stefanie Frost-Durham now plays a key role in many of the day to day operations of the business.

The dedication of Frost Cutlery employees does not end with Jim's children; Senior Vice- President, Jeff Daniel, sets the standard of dedication in the company as an employee of almost thirty years. There are now well over a hundred employees at Frost Cutlery, and many of them have tenure of ten years or more. Though much of Frost Cutlery's success can be attributed to Mr. Frost's leadership, his ability to surround himself with quality individuals plays a large part as well. He has said: "Whenever I have the chance to talk to young people, I tell them that those who seek, listen, learn and utilize the intelligence of others are themselves some of the smartest people in the world." This is the type of relationship Jim Frost has with his employees: he is the teacher and the student.

Quality and Tradition

In addition to the Frost Cutlery line, the Hen & Rooster® brand is owned by Frost Cutlery and is known as some of the finest cutlery made in the world today. Celebrating it's 165th Anniversary, the Hen & Rooster name has always been a tried and true favorite. This aspect of the brand made the Hen & Rooster® a perfect fit with Frost Cutlery, who has always been known in the industry for quality and workmanship. Over 100 hand operations go into the production of each knife to produce an item that anyone would be proud to own for a lifetime. Since the purchase of this line of fine pocket knives and fixed blade knives, Frost Cutlery has introduced many new patterns, as well as variations on the oldest ones.

Today, Hen & Rooster® features a full line of genuine deer stag hunting knives, pocket knives in over 20 different bone colors, and dozens of the highly attractive and durable Corelon® handles, introduced to the knife industry by Frost Cutlery in 1996. Recently, Hen & Rooster has re-introduced the classic razor. This old-pattern-made-new was embraced by cutlery collectors around the world.

Continuing the Legacy

In the tradition of Hen & Rooster®, The German Bull Brand™ which is made and imported from Germany, features some of the more traditional patterns in Deer Stag, Cape Buffalo Horn, and Cracked Ice Celluloid, and is the Sunday knife for the working man. Each knife is made with only top-notch materials, and superior workmanship at a price that is affordable to the masses.

Jim Frost continues to grow his business by understanding the needs of the market and striving to create the products that people want. In the spirit of that philosophy, Frost Cutlery introduced three uniquely branded knife lines in the fall of 2006.

The first line is the Frost Family™ line which features a brand new Frost Family™ Crest Shield and Frost Motto banner etch reading "Qualitas est familia institutio." which means "Quality is a family tradition." Each knife has mirror polished blades, nickel silver bolsters, brass pins, and hand-picked bone handles in a variety of new colors.

Next to be introduced was the "Uncle Lucky" Brand, featuring a special Four-Leaf Clover Shield inspired by a nickname given to Mr. Frost by the sons of longtime friend and owner of Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Kevin Pipes.

The third line, made in the tradition of the longtime favorite BuckCreek® line, carries the Buffalo Creek tang. Each of these new product lines are indicative of Mr. Frost's dedication to continued growth in the industry.

Changing of the Guard

Over the years, drastic changes in manufacturing have essentially precipitated the extinction of many major cutlery brands. To avoid the pitfalls seen by others, Frost Cutlery diligently works to exceed their own best work. The Steel Warrior® brand has succeeded in reaching the top to stand along side the Japanese and American-Made lines in quality. Over recent years this infant cutlery brand has made a name for itself, boasting some of the top sales of any cutlery line. Frost Cutlery has high hope of continuing to grow a loyal following of customers who believe in the Steel Warrior® brand as synonymous with excellence.

The production of high-end knife commemoratives has also been one of the driving forces in the Frost Cutlery business. Boxed knife and coin sets are some of the most popular types of specialty collectibles. Many of the limited edition commemoratives produced by Frost Cutlery are the incarnation of Jim Frost himself, and reflect his constant ambition to expand the way people perceive the knife industry.


Beginning in 1987 with just a handshake agreement between Jim Frost and "The Intimidator", Frost Cutlery began making commemorative knives and sets to mark career highlights for Dale Earnhardt. This association evolved into probably the most successful of the commemorative knife lines Frost Cutlery has ever had including Dale Earnhardt, Jr products, as well as others in the DEI team. Over the years, Jim Frost also struck a friendship with #3 car owner, Richard Childress. The two found that they had many things in common, including strong business sense, and a passion for fishing.

Frost Cutlery has continued in the tradition of making great partnerships by teaming up with fishing legend, Bill Dance of Bill Dance Outdoors. Together, they have created a special line of cutlery specifically designed for the outdoor sportsman, and particularly the sport fisherman. Each product has been carefully chosen and manufactured with these customers in mind, and are all licensed and endorsed by Bill Dance Outdoors. We believe that with their combined knowledge of knives and fishing, Jim Frost and Bill Dance will have a lasting venture that will benefit all.

Note to Customers: While we make every attempt to keep information herein current and accurate, we will not be held responsible for fulfillment of graphical or typographical errors
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